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New York Yankees Organization Discussion

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I am now working on the Colorado Rockies prospect list, to be followed by the New York Yankees, San Francisco Giants, Cleveland Indians, Chicago Cubs, Cincinnati Reds, and Oakland Athletics to finish the process.

Use this thread to discuss the Yankees farm system. As usual, feel free to point out sleepers or overlooked players.

The Yankees don't have the best farm system in the universe, but there is depth. Unlike their National League Metropolitan cross-town rivals, the Yankees aren't financially crippled and have plenty of money to invest in prospect development.

They have taken more chances in the draft recently and are always active on the international front. Although not every lottery ticket has worked out (Andrew Brackman, ahem), they can afford to the occasional malinvestment more readily than many clubs.

If you were running the Yankees farm system, what (if anything) would you do differently? What would you focus on in the 2012 and subsequent drafts? Can you think of a way to use the new CBA to your advantage?