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New York Mets Organization Discussion

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I am now working on the Pittsburgh Pirates top prospect list. The next team in line is the New York Mets, to be followed by the Chicago White Sox, the Colorado Rockies, and the New York Yankees.

Use this thread to discuss the New York Mets organization. As always, feel free to point out sleeper prospects or players that you think are overlooked or underappreciated. Years of mushy, low-budget drafting and disappointing development of Latin American prospects left this system in thin condition, but the new regime under Sandy Alderson was more aggressive this year. Budgetary problems remain evident: the organization just announced that they will no longer field a team in the Gulf Coast League. That doesn't seem like a very good sign to me, given that the GCL is a critical experience in the development of many high school players and raw signees from Latin America.

Keeping the money problems in mind, what, if anything, would you differently with the Mets farm system?