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The first person to correctly identify the following player gets to pick the next team for the Top 20 lists after the Blue Jays, Dodgers, and Mariners.

I was drafted after the 10th round out of high school in a state north of the Mason-Dixon Line. A middle infielder, I dd not hit well at first, performing poorly in my first look at rookie ball, then hitting below .250 with very little power in my second season split between rookie ball and Low-A. At this point I wasn't much of a prospect. In my third pro season I was even worse and hit below .230 in Low-A.

I had a good glove so I didn't get released. Returning to Low-A again in my fourth season, I suddenly blossomed, hitting over .270 with 18 homers, stealing 11 bases, drawing more than 70 walks with fewer than 50 strikeouts, massively improved performance. I moved up to High-A in my fifth season and hit 20 homers. In my sixth pro season, I hit 16 homers and stole 18 bases in Double-A while providing great defense.

I played Triple-A in my seventh season and hit fewer than 10 homers, but I controlled the strike zone well. The following year I earned a job on a major league bench, hitting poorly but impressing with my glove. I ended up having a long major league career, playing in 11 seasons, although it ended in my early 30s due partially to an injury. I wasn't a great hitter, but I could field my position and held down a roster spot for more than a decade.

I hold one major league lifetime record.

Who am I?