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You're the Farm Director!

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Let's play You're the Farm Director!

Assuming all of these players are healthy in April, 2011, and perform well in spring training, what level do you assign them in your farm system?

Kyle Drabek: Do you send him to Las Vegas, or do you give him a spot in the Blue Jays rotation?
Dee Gordon: Triple-A, or return him to Double-A for a bit more seasoning?
Alex Wimmers: High-A or Double-A?
John Lamb, Chris Dwyer, and Danny Duffy: If you are the Royals, do you return this trio to Double-A, or do you bump them up to Omaha to begin the year?
Josh Vitters: Don't tell me what you think the Cubs will do, tell me what you think they should do.
Bryce Harper: How aggressive will you be with him?