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Greatest Intellectual Influences

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Who are your greatest intellectual influences, baseball or otherwise? In other words, who has helped shape the way you see the world, including baseball, of course?
I'm asking this because I find it interesting, it helps me get to know you guys better, and because I'm about to start working on the book soon and will be totally immersed in baseball research and writing soon (even more than usual! haha) and want to think about some non baseball stuff for awhile.

It doesn't have to be someone famous or fancy. Influences can come from anywhere.

Mine, in no particular order, would be Bill James, Aldous Huxley, Ken Wilber, David Hume, my college philosophy and history professors Dr. Hopper and Dr. Frucht, Walt Whitman, Roger Waters, Gene Roddenberry, Thomas Merton, Robert Heinlein, and my mother and father. 

 I don't actually like Heinlein that much...he's got some serious fascist tendencies, but I read Stranger in a Strange Land when I was 13 and that had a huge impact.