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John's Not Very Good Day

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The Not Very Good Day

Today got off to a bad start when my 4 year old got up for the day at 3 AM.  It was my turn to take emergency nighttime kid duty.  Since I didn't get to sleep myself until almost 2, today took place under conditions of sleep deprivation.

After morning duty that saw me spill two drinks in the living room, I drove five hours to Northwest Arkansas, through heavy rain much of the way. Omaha and Tulsa had the same 40% chance of rain that Northwest Arkansas did, so I figured I'd gamble on the team with the best prospects. The rain stopped by the time I got here at 6, and when I left the hotel at 6:30,  the radar was clear. I congratulated myself on making the right call.

That was premature.

By 7 pm a thunderstorm had formed directly over the stadium. And it rained. And rained. And rained.  They finally called the game, to be made up with a doubleheader tomorrow. It stopped raining about 10 minutes after they cancelled the game.

Unfortunately, I can't be here tomorrow; I have to drive back home. This was just a one day window for me, and I picked the wrong city. So I'll have wasted 10 hours of road time, money for gasoline, food, and lodging, and came away empty handed.

This was not a good day.

But I made it here safely, and in the big picture that is the important thing.