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2010 Shadow Twins Pre-Season Farm System in Review

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Top 20 Shadow Twins Farm System Review

Here is how my Shadow Twins system, built through the Shadow Draft and whoever the real Twins sign internationally, is looking. Introduction and original article are here.


1) Brett Lawrie, OF, Grade B+:  Brewers in real life, .294/.352/.472 with 28 steals in Double-A as a second baseman, though I drafted him as an outfielder.

2) Jared Mitchell, OF, Grade B: White Sox system in real life. Out all year with ankle injury.

3) Jay Jackson, RHP, Grade B: Cubs in real life,  4.29 ERA with 100/40 K/BB in 136 innings in Triple-A, 124 hits.

4) Michael Bowden, RHP, Grade B:  Red Sox in real life. 3.62 ERA with 74/34 K/BB in 102 innings in Triple-A, 10 hits and four runs in six major league innings so far, but with a 6/1 K/Bb.

5) Wynn Pelzer, RHP, Grade B:  4.21 ERA with 97/60 K/BB in 107 innings in Double-A, 116 hits between Padres and Orioles systems. I did not make this trade in the Shadow Universe, but may follow Baltimore's lead and convert him to relief.

6) Wilson Ramos, C, Grade B-: Real Twin Latin product. .254/.292/.370 in Triple-A, traded to Washington for Matt Capps. I agree with this trade and he is no longer in the Shadow system.

7) Jake Odorizzi, RHP, Grade B-:  Brewers in real life.  3.58 ERA, 120/36 K/BB in 108 innings in Low-A, 92 hits. Breakout season.

8) Zack Von Rosenberg, RHP, Grade B-:  Pirates in real life.  3.38 ERA, 36/13 K/BB in 56 innings in short-season ball, 57 hits. Throwing strikes as expected.

9) Adrian Salcedo, RHP, Grade B-:  Real Twins Latin product. Got killed in six starts in High-A at age 19 (6.26 ERA, 42 hits in 27 innings) but much better after going down to more appropriate level at Elizabethton (3.30 ERA, 60/10 K/BB in 60 innings, 50 hits).

10) Lars Anderson, 1B, Grade B-:  Red Sox in real life.  .355/.408/.677 in Double-A, .246/.334/.396 in Triple-A. I'm getting tired of waiting on this one.

11) David Bromberg, RHP, Grade C+:  Real Twins draft pick that I agreed with.  3.72 ERA, 94/43 K/BB in 133 innings between Double-A and Triple-A, 134 hits.

12) J.J. Hoover, RHP, Grade C+: Braves in real life.  3.26 ERA, 118/35 K/BB in 133 innings in High-A, 126 hits. Quite a good year.

13) Danny Valencia, 3B, Grade C+:  Real Twin pick I agreed with.  .335/.380/.435 for Minnesota. I think that is flukey but it is still fun to see.

14) Scott Barnes, LHP, Grade C+:  Indians system in real life.  4.57 ERA, 109/48 K/BB in 122 innings in Double-A, 107 hits. Season is better than it looks on the surface.

15) Miguel Sano, SS, Grade C+: Real Twins Latin product.   .293/.331/.466 in rookie ball. Plate discipline issues but has enormous potential.

16) Eric Thames, OF, Grade C+: Blue Jays in real life.   .291/.375/.519 with 23 homers in Double-A. I like him, obviously since I shadow-drafted him.

17) Carlos Ramirez, C, Grade C+:   Angels system in real life.  .224/.336/.386 in Low-A, though hitting .309/.387/.556 in second half. Good glove.

18) Tim Smith, OF, Grade C+: Royals system in real life.  .298/.371/.452 with 13 steals in Double-A.

19) Matt Bashore, LHP, Grade C+. Real Twin pick I agreed with. Injured all year.

20) David Newmann, LHP, Grade C+: Rays in real life.  4.58 ERA, 78/44 K/BB in 112 innings, 135 hits in Double-A.

Overall, despite the injury to Jared Mitchell and the suckiness of Lars Anderson, I'm fairly happy with the Shadow Twins system this year.