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Long Live the Big 12

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After a nail-biting couple of weeks, it seems that the Big 12 lives on despite the treasonous activities of Nebraska and Colorado. 

I was very annoyed about the potential loss of easy access to quality college baseball. But, for the next few years anyway, it shouldn't be an issue. Nebraska has been down in recent  years, and Colorado didn't play on the diamond. Still, the long-term future of the Big 12 would feel better if it actually had 12 schools.

So, if the Big 12 was going to expand in the future and steal a couple of teams from other conferences to get back to 12 schools, who would fit? The University of Houston and the University of Memphis from Conference USA look like good poach targets to me. Arkansas would be nice but is likely a pipe dream. What do you guys think? I look at it from the perspective of a baseball fan, with a moderate interest in basketball, though I realize of course that football is the big driver here.