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Nate Roberts, OF, High Point University

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The Twins drafted Nate Roberts out of High Point University this year in the fifth round. I thought this was a very good choice. His performance this year was outstanding: 416/.573/.746, 53 walks in 209 at-bats, 36 steals in 39 attempts. Big South Player of the Year, and despite what Baseball America wrote about him, he has enough tools to interest the Twins, who usually rate athleticism pretty highly.

Then there is this quotation from Roberts from back in March:

""I really like the original Star Trek movies," he said. "The new one is fine but it is just mindless action. I like the originals for that they stand for. There is no money, everyone is working together and the crew is so diverse. I'm not a freak Trekkie who dresses up or anything but I love watching the movies."  

Nate Roberts is now my favorite baseball player.