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Underrated 2010 Draft Prospects

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We mentioned the overrated guys on Friday. Today let's talk about underrated players, both ones expected to be early-round picks, and guys who might be good middle round sleepers.

Of the potential first round guys, I think Josh Sale might actually be a little underrated and given the thin hitting talent this year I would consider him in the Top Ten. I'm very intrigued with Alex Wimmers. I loved Jesse Hahn before he got hurt, and even now i would still pick him above Ranaudo, who I don't trust at all. Tyrell Jenkins looks like a late first round guy to me, and if he falls into the supplemental round he could be a bargain for someone.

Two high school outfielders I'm fond of are Angelo Gumbs out of California, and Edddie Rosario out of Puerto Rico. Gumbs is a toolsy sort but something about him makes me think he could develop sooner than expected. Rosario keeps drawing Bobby Abreu comps for his plate discipline and hitting ability....and I love me some Bobby Abreu. I also like Reggie Golden as a tools outfielder.

Who strikes you as underrated?