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Back from the doctor with a diagnosis of "viral gastroenteritis probably caused by food poisoning." He says it will take another 3 to 5 days to clear out of my system. Lovely. However he gave me some ant-spasmodics to control the discomfort, and i'll try to get back on the saddle before that. In the meantime, thanks are due to Jeri for keeping the blog going, and for tending me in my hours of need. All Hail guys really can't overestimate how wonderful of a spouse and friend she is.

Trying to catch up on my baseball reading, I found this gem over at MLB Daily Dish, an interview with Brewers prospect Jake Odorizzi, one of my favorite pitching prospects in the lower minors. You might also check out what Andy Seiler is up to over at MLB Bonus Baby, with his terrific draft coverage.

I will have more draft stuff myself once I'm feeling more functional.