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Thinking Ahead to the Shadow Draft

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As long-time readers know, I do a Shadow Draft for the Minnesota Twins every year. I've done this every year since 1996, publically since 2003, and here on this blog in real time since 2005.

Looking at my current pre-season Top 20 Shadow Twins Prospects, what would you say my needs are heading into the 2010 draft? I pick 21st along with the real Twins, but I also get an extra second round pick for failure to sign 2009 second-rounder Jake Barrett (who in real life was drafted by the Blue Jays in the third round and did not sign).

My last four first round picks were Lars Anderson instead of Chris Parmalee (in '06), Nevin Griffith instead of Ben Revere ('07), Brett Lawrie instead of Aaron Hicks, ('08 as an outfielder), and Jared Mitchell instead of Kyle Gibson('09). I haven't picked a college pitcher in the first round since I foolishly picked Matt Torra instead of Matt Garza in '05.  Looking at my farm system, I could use help up the middle, but could also use some power pitching. Most of my pitching prospects are either young, or middle round guys who have blossomed (Jay Jackson, Wynn Pelzer, JJ Hoover). Yes, I know, don't draft for need.