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BPB2010 Geographical Fun Facts...from JERI

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Hello, Happy Readers!

Here are some facts about your fellow least, where they live.

We have readers in 47 states, plus Puerto Rico and DC.

The states with no readers: Idaho, Wyoming and Mississippi.  We are not surprised about the first two, but HEY!  MISSISSIPPI! Get your orders in!  We miss you!  (and you westerners, feel free to order too!)

UPDATE: Woo, hoo...Mississippi came through. Idaho and Wyoming are still slackers though.

The state that most outperformed our expectations:  New York.

The state that sold the most books: California, of course!

The state that sold the 3rd most books: Illinois.

Oklahoma exactly doubled the number of orders over last year.

Iowa went down a little...(bummer, John's home state!)

We sold books in 8 countries other than the US, one more than last year.

There were more orders via snail mail than there have been in about 5 years. 

The bottom line is, we value all our readers, and are grateful for each and every one of you, no matter where you live.

If you want to order the book, click HERE!