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Best Pitching Prospect in Baseball: Chapman or Hellickson?

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In my view, the best pitching prospect in baseball is either Aroldis Chapman of Cincinnati or Jeremy Hellickson of Tampa Bay. Chapman has better velocity....I mean, a 105 MPH fastball?....good lord....and looked great when used in relief. But Hellickson's no slouch with his stuff and is exceptionally polished.

Let's say that both pitchers stay healthy and live up to the ultimate ceilings....would Chapman be something like a Cuban Randy Johnson, and Hellickson another Greg Maddux? Who would you rank number one?

NOTE: The selection of the photo of Hellickson is not designed to sway the discussion. I picked him because I posted a Chapman photo a few days ago.

On my most recent Rotowire prospect list, I had Chapman ahead of Hellickson