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Morning Notes, October 1st, 2010

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Morning Notes, October 1st, 2010

*Upcoming stuff: Thoughts on Young Pitching, A Look at Young Talent on Playoff Teams, a few more Double-A transitions, and players who might "Go Trout.". We will start the yearly organization and analysis discussions with the Twins late next week. I'll probably do another AQA to end the season, and I'll also have an end-of-year Rotowire Top 100 update. Feel free to suggest other things.

*When I post a topic for discussion, I don't always make my views known since I don't want to bias the discussion in a particular way. So here is my take on some of the topics I have posted recently.

*Either/Or: Hosmer vs. Moustakas: I'm thinking Grade A on both these guys for the book, with Hosmer a slight edge, but it is close.

*Jose Bautista: Maybe I'm just naïve (wouldn't be the first time, nor the last) but I doubt there are PEDs involved here. I think it's a combination of a career peak season, swing adjustments, and good luck. Sometimes everything just comes together.

*Breaking New Ground: I would set my Manhattan Sabermetric Project on the goal of finding out patterns or similarities of pitchers who stay healthy. I think we focus a bit too much on trying to predict injuries, which ones will get hurt. I want to come at the problem from the opposite flank: which pitchers stay healthy, and can we tell why? The other thing I would focus on, like a lot of people, would be getting a better handle on defense.