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Off-Topic Question: Most Important Non-Baseball Thing in your Life

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People sometimes ask me non-baseball questions in the AQA threads, which is fine...I try to answer them when I can. But I want to ask you guys a question.

What is the most important non-baseball thing in your life? It might be a person, or a place, it might be an idea or a concept. Or even a memory. Or maybe it is something you can't put into a few brief words or word.

Don't get into arguments about this, guys. If someone says something you disagree with or don't think is important or even real, just move on and write your own comment. 

I've been in a thoughtful mood lately and I'm just curious what the community is all about on the stuff that really matters. Bob Feller told me a few years ago that people lose sight of important things too easily, and that baseball is "just a damn game."  For fanatics, and especially for people who work in the game or make their living writing about it or analyzing it, it is easy to lose that perspective sometimes.