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Luis Mendoza No-Hitter

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I saw Luis Mendoza throw a no-hitter for Oklahoma City tonight. Of course, this would JUST HAPPEN to be the day that I forgot to juice up the battery on my video camera. No big deal, i thought....i'll get plenty of video of Smoak and Wood Saturday and Sunday. Ha ha. Joke's on me.

Mendoza was throwing 93-94 MPH all night, with movement on the fastball. I thought his slider was sloppy and unimpressive in the first three innings, but in the fourth inning he started to tighten it up and in the late innings it was working really well. I only saw a couple of changeups, but the fastball/slider combination was very potent.

Smoak looked excellent tonight....I saw nothing to worry about. Full report on this game when I get my trip summary done.