Dexter Fowler and UZR

So I was killing some time on FanGraphs looking over some UZR numbers when I stumbled upon Dexter Fowler's stat line. According to FanGraphs, his UZR for his career is an abysmal -14.5 (-20.0 UZR/150). That's awful. Like disturbingly, he should be playing a corner OF spot, awful.

Granted, I know zone ratings and other defensive metrics should be taken with a grain of salt.

I guess I'm just wondering if there are any Rockies' fans out there who can comment on what Fowler looked like in center. I'm from Pittsburgh, and didn't get to see much of Fowler at all this summer. But being from Pittsburgh, I saw a lot of Nate McLouth in center, and when I saw his lousy zone ratings, I wasn't at all surprised because it was very clear that, despite his athleticism, he wasn't getting to a lot of balls that a good center fielder should get to. His jumps/routes were consistently lousy. You didn't need to be an MLB scout to see it.

Scouts more or less raved about Fowler's defense in the minors.

I'm just wondering if there's any chance they were wrong, or if this is just a fluky outlier from an imperfect rating system?

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