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JERI's Update...mostly off-topic

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OK.  So it is after 10, and I'm just now getting the opportunity to sit down and type.  John is in Pheonix, and has already attended a game.  He sounds very happy to be there.  He wanted me to tell you that he's going to try and get some good video to post for you from the games. 

When John takes these trips it is always a reality check for me.  We are so fortunate to be able to both be at home, so even if he is busy, if I need help with a child, or a dog needs walking, spider needs squishing, or if I have a bad night of sleep and want to stay in bed for an extra hour, he's there to help out, just like I help him with the same type of stuff.  Just being able to share the day to day chores, the day to day fun, and knowing that help (and adult conversation!) is within calling distance is such a gift. 

I always wonder how the heck single parents manage to keep everything going day after day.  Just trying to get the dogs walked with the four year old 'helping' is enough to make me scream...not to mention doing all the kid stuff, without a break, having one kid sick, one kid with some kind of freaky insomnia from Hell...I know that in less than a week, I'll be part of a duo again, and that it won't just be me.  I also know, usually after about day two of a scouting trip, why I'm not a single parent.  I'm too darn wimpy.

So, there's no question of the day today, since it's so late.   However, I would like to express a huge, sincere amount of awe for all the single parents of the world who manage to get it all done, and not just for a week at a time, but every day.


 PS.  Once again, the picture has nothing to do with anything. It is out cat, Spock, from when he was just a few months old.