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Crystal Ball: Lastings Milledge

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Crystal Ball: Lastings Milledge

AP (Los Angeles, January 5, 2023)
Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Lastings Milledge announced his retirement today at age 37. The two-time All-Star outfielder decided on retirement after Dodgers General Manager Matt Stairs told him that the club could not guarantee him a roster spot for 2023. "We would have been happy to have Lastings return on a non-roster basis for spring training," Stairs told USA Today, "but we couldn't guarantee that he'd make the team."
"I have no hard feelings," said Milledge, "and I understand the position of the team. But I'm too old to go scrambling for a job anymore. So I thought I'd hang it up." Milledge, who won a batting title with the Colorado Rockies in 2015, says his only regret is not having won a World Series ring. "We came close once with Detroit, but it's the main thing I wish I could have done."

Lastings Milledge

Those are fake stats, of course. I did not base this on any fancy formulas, just educated guess of what his career might look like.

Note that in the text I wrote that he made two All-Star teams and won a batting title with the Rockies. Questions for you:

Which are the two All-Star seasons?
Describe the transactions you see between the lines above.
Do you think this is a realistic projection?