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Prospect Tidbit: Tyler Clippard

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Tyler Clippard, RHP, Tampa Yankees
I've received several questions about Tyler Clippard lately, so he seems like a good pick to write up. Clippard made 25 starts for Tampa in the Florida State League, going 10-9, 3.18, with a 169/34 K/BB in 147 innings. He allowed just 118 hits, giving him an excellent ratio set: his K/IP, K/BB, and H/IP marks are all quite strong. A ninth round pick in 2003 out of high school in Florida, Clippard features a decent fastball at 88-90 MPH, but has a plus curveball and an improving changeup. He has good command and control within the strike zone, and now has two solid A-ball seasons under his belt. He will make the Double-A transition in '06, and I am optimistic about his chances to pass it with flying colors. Yankees fans should be happy about his development, and fantasy owners in deep leagues should see him as a good investment (as far as young pitchers go). He isn't a Felix Hernandez type, but looks to me like a good B+ style prospect.