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Toronto Blue Jays Top 20 Prospects List

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  1. Brandon League, RHP, B+
  2. David Purcey, LHP, B+
  3. Aaron Hill, SS, B
  4. Josh Banks, RHP, B
  5. Francisco Rosario, RHP, B
  6. Zach Jackson, LHP, B
  7. Russ Adams, SS, B
  8. Guillermo Quiroz, C, B-
  9. Dustin McGowan, RHP, B-
  10. Shaun Marcum, RHP, B-
  11. Jamie Vermilyea, RHP, B-
  12. Gabe Gross, OF, C+ (grade change)
  13. John Hattig, 3B, C+
  14. Adam Lind, OF, C+
  15. Ismael Ramirez, RHP, C+
  16. Vince Perkins, RHP, C+
  17. Gustavo Chacin, LHP, C+
  18. Curtis Thigpen, C, C+
  19. Davis Romero, LHP, C+
  20. Yuber Rodriquez, OF, C+
I really like Brandon League. If Rosario and McGowan rebound from surgery successfully (and reports are good on both), that gives the Jays three premium right-handers. Match that with promising college power lefties Jackson and Purcey, plus control-artist righthanders Vermilyea and Marcum, and there's a lot of hope for the future of the pitching staff.

On the offensive side, Aaron Hill and Russ Adams appear to be solid citizens, projecting as productive players although I don't think either is going to be a superstar. Gabe Gross has been a disappointment for me, and I'm reducing his grade from B- in the book to C+. This, of course, ensures that he will go on a massive hot streak during the first half of the season now that I've started to lose faith.

Catcher Guillermo Quiroz is not as bad as he looked last year and not as good as he looked in 2003. Finding a happy medium should still make him a useful, productive player, though not a star. That seems to be a common thread with the hitting prospects.

Among the C+ guys, two 2004 draftees to watch carefully are outfielder Adam Lind and catcher Curtis Thigpen, both owning advanced college bats. Either of them could jump up to B or B+ ratings quickly if they maintain their early pro performance.

Lefty Gustavo Chacin went 19-3 at three levels last year, but his ratios are a mixed bag and I don't really trust him to repeat that performance.

Grade C guys to watch include outfielder John-Ford Griffin (who is falling rapidly behind the curve), first baseman Eric Crozier (an older prospect who swings a power bat and could be a surprise contributor), first baseman Vito Chiaravalotti, RHP Casey Janssen, tools outfielder Miguel Negron, first baseman Chip Cannon (best name in the system), outfielder Ron Davenport, and second baseman Brian Hall.