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You’re the GM! San Francisco Giants edition

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Can you turn around a 68-79 team quickly?

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at San Francisco Giants Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today we opened a You’re the GM! discussion about the rebuilding San Diego Padres. Moving up the coast, let’s ask the same question for the San Francisco Giants, 68-79 in fourth place in the National League West.

You woke up as the Giants GM this morning. Some questions to ponder:

****Is .500 a realistic goal for 2019? If so, how do you get there?

****You’re a lot better than the Padres this year but they have a bustling farm system and lots of talent on the way up. How do you stay ahead of them in, say, 2021?

****How do you assess the condition of your farm system? How would you go about improving it?