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You’re the GM! Fix the Orioles

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How soon can this be turned around?

MLB: Game One-New York Yankees at Baltimore Orioles Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today we posed a question: who would you rather be starting in 2019, the Boston Red Sox or the New York Yankees?

Now here’s the flip side.

Say you woke up this morning to find that you are now in charge of the 41-103 Baltimore Orioles, with a job guarantee running through 2023. Ownership has given you a mostly-open checkbook: you can’t quite match the finances of the Yankees or Red Sox but you don’t have to be overly penurious, either, and can make the necessary investments in the future.

So, what now?

What do you think of the early rebuilding efforts and this summer’s trades? How do you build on that? Do you keep Buck Showalter around as manager, or find someone new? What do you emphasize in the 2019 draft? Should the Orioles revival be based on pitching? Power? Zombie Earl Weaver?

How do you fix this?