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Shadow Twins complete draft list, 2013-2017

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Twenty years of imagination, part four

Boston Red Sox v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Per a request from a reader, I am posting the complete Minnesota Twins Shadow Draft list dating back to 1996. We posted 1996 through 2001 first then 2002 through 2006 second. Yesterday we had 2007 through 2012. Today we have 2013 through 2017. Players in bold made the major leagues. In the early years most of the later round picks were just whoever the real Twins went with but that has evolved over time as the two universes continue to diverge.

One thing that has happened a few times: I draft some guy who the Twins don’t really draft but ends up with them anyway in a few years due to trade or free agency.

PART ONE 1996 to 2001

PART TWO 2002 to 2006

PART THREE: 2007 to 2012

2013 (This will depend on how Frazier pans out. International class looks like a total bust)

1) Clint Frazier, OF, Loganville HS, Loganville, Georgia
2) Riley Unroe, SS, Desert Ridge HS, Mesa, Arizona
3) Stuart Turner, C, University of Mississippi
4) Ben Lively, RHP, University of Central Florida
5) Corey Littrell, LHP, University of Kentuck
6) Brian Navarreto, C, Arlington Country Day HS, Jacksonville, Florida
7) Sam Wilson, LHP, Lamar Community College
8) Ricky Knapp, RHP, Florida Gulf Coast University
9) Nick Petree, RHP, Missouri State University
10) Michael Ratterree, OF, Rice University
11) Nelson Molina, SS, Antonio Luchetti HS, Arecibo, Puerto Rico
12) Dakota Freese, RHP, Des Moines Area Community College
13) Brandon Peterson, RHP, Wichita State University
14) Zack Granite, OF, Seton Hall University
15) Logan Pierce, 3B, Troy University
16) Kelvin Freeman, 1B, North Carolina A&T University
17) Matt Whitehouse, LHP, UC Irvine
18) Chantz Mack, OF, University of Miami-Florida
19) Brett Kay, SS, Illinois State University
20) Jason Kanzler, OF, University of Buffalo
21) Tristan Archer, RHP, Tennessee Tech
22) Layne Somsen, RHP, South Dakota State University
23) Scott Silverstein, LHP, University of Virginia
24) Marcus Davis, OF, Florida State University
25) Chad Christensen, OF, University of Nebraska
27) Randall Fant, LHP, University of Arkansas
28) Zach Shank, SS, Marist College
30) Ryan Beck, LHP, New Mexico State University
31) A.J. Burke, RHP, Western Oregon State University
32) Darian Johnson, OF, Lamar University
33) Jeff Kemp, SS, Radford University
34) Ivory Thomas, OF, Cal State Dominguez Hills
35) Abe Carrasco, RHP, Mount Mercy College
36) David Harris, SS, Southern Arkansas University
39) Seth Wagner, LHP, Mifflin County HS, Lewiston, Pennsylvania

2013 Top International Signees (pool 3,908,600 spent 3,730,000)
1) Joan Mauricio, SS, Dominican Republic (Astros) $660,000
2) Carlos Talavera, OF, Venezuela (Cardinals) $550,000
3) Jaimito Lebron, RHP, Dominican Republic (Padres) $460,00
4) Isael Soto, OF, Dominican Republic (Marlins) $340,000
5) Jose Martinez, RHP, Venezuela (Twins) $340,000
6) Robert Molina, C, Venezuela (Twins) $300,000
7) Jack Barrie, 1B, Australia (Twins) $250,000
8) Ruar Verkerk, 3B, Netherlands (Twins) $200,000
9) Erick Balbuena, RHP, Dominican Republic (Twins) $175,000
10) Moises Gomez, RHP, Venezuela (Twins) $150,000
11) Edgar Herrera, OF, Venezuela (Twins) $135,000
12) Orby Tavares, LHP, Dominican Republic (Yankees) $100,000
13) Jermaine Palacios, SS, Venezuela (Twins) $ 70,000
13) Luis Arreaz, 2B, Venezuela (Twins) $ 40,000

2014 (into too soon to tell territory, but international class looks good).

1) Nick Gordon, SS, Olympia HS, Orlando, FL
2) Nick Burdi, RHP, University of Louisville
3) Eric Skoglund, LHP, University of Central Florida
4) Austin Gomber, LHP, Florida Atlantic University
5) Shane Zeile, C, UCLA
6) Jose Trevino, C, Oral Roberts University
7) Andro Cutura, RHP, Southeastern Louisiana University
8) Grant Heyman, OF, CC of Southern Nevada
9) Nick Vilter, 3B, UC Riverside
10) Javi Salas, RHP, University of Miami-Florida
11) A.J. Ladwig, RHP, Wichita State University
12) Emilio Ogando, LHP, St. Thomas University
13) Chase Mallard, RHP, University of Alabama-Birmingham
14) Chase Harris, OF, University of New Mexico
15) Damek Tomscha, 3B, Auburn University
16) Tyler Kuresa, 1B, UC Santa Barbara
17) Mat Batts, LHP, UNC Wilmington
18) Michael Nolan, LHP, Oklahoma City University
19) Richard Amion, OF, Alabama State University
20) Tim Zier, 2B, San Diego State University
21) Sam Bumpers, SS, Lamar University
22) Michael Hollenbeck, C, Illinois State University
23) Miles Nordgren, RHP, Birmingham Southern University
24) Kyle Kinman, LHP, Bellevue University
26) Blake Schmit, SS, University of Maryland
27) Jason Hoppe, RHP, Minnesota State University-Mankato
28) Bennie Robinson, 1B, Florida A&M University
29) Luke Tendler, OF, North Carolina A&T University
30) Kyle Porter, LHP, University of California
32) Jamill Moquete, OF, University of Massachusetts-Boston
33) Chad Reeves, LHP, Louisiana State University-Eunice
34) Kavin Keyes, 2B, Oregon State University
36) Chase Raffield, OF, Georgia State University
37) Tyree Davis, OF, Centennial HS, Compton, CA
39) Cale Elam, RHP, Wichita State University
40) Pat Kaminska, RHP, Central Michigan University

2014 Top International Signees (Pool 3,686,000 spent 3,800,000)

1) Franklin Perez, RHP, Venezuela (Astros) 1,100,000
2) Jesus Sanchez, OF, Dominican Republic (Rays) 440,000
3) Lenin Rodriguez, C, Venezuela (Phillies) 330,000
4) Lachlan Wells, LHP, Australia (Twins) 300,000
5) Jeifry Nunez, RHP, Dominican Republic (Rangers) 275,000
6) Emilio Ferrebus, RHP, Venezuela (Cubs) 275,000
7) Edwin Yon, OF, Dominican Republic (Reds) 185,000
8) Samuel Castro, SS, Dominican Republic (Marlins) 165,000
9) Daniel Guzman, LHP, Venezuela (Mets) 155,000
10) Edgar Pineda, SS, Venezuela (Rangers) 150,000
11) Sandro Cabrera, LHP, Dominican Republic (Giants) 150,000
12) Danny Contreras, OF, Dom Republic (Mariners) 110,000
13) Orlando Cedeno, RHP, Dominican Republic (Indians) 110,000
14) Leonardo Crawford, LHP, Nicaragua (Dodgers) 55,000

2015 (win at the top and internationally although too soon to tell otherwise)

1) Andrew Benintendi, OF, University of Arkansas
CB) Jacob Nix, RHP, IMG Academy
3) Austin Rei, C, University of Washington
4) Trey Cabbage, 3B, Grainger HS, Grainger, Tennessee
5) Ryan Kellogg, LHP, Arizona State University
6) Edwin Rios, 1B, Florida International University
7) Jose Vizcaino Jr, 3B, Santa Clara University
8) Logan Ratledge, SS, North Carolina State University
9) LaMonte Wade, OF, University of Maryland
10) James Reeves, LHP, The Citadel
11) Alexis Omar Diaz, RHP, Juan Jose Maunez HS, Naguabo, PR
12) Adam Choplick, LHP, University of Oklahoma
13) Carson Cross, RHP, University of Connecticut
14) Garrett Kennedy, C, University of Miami-Florida
15) Adam Whitt, RHP, University of Nevada
16) Trevor Belicek, LHP, Texas A&M-Corpus Christi
17) Giovanny Alfonzo, SS, University of Tampa
18) Melvin Rodriguez, 2B, Jackson State University
19) Seth Brown, 1B, Lewis-Clark State College
20) Michael Rivera, RHP, Colegio Hector Urdaneta HS, Rio Grande, PR
21) Kamran Young, OF, Cal State Dominguez Hills
22) Stephen Dezzi, OF, University of Tamp
23) Alex Perez, SS, Virginia Tech
24) Drasen Johnson, RHP, University of Illinois
25) Ben Meyer, RHP, University of Minnesota
26) Xavier Borde, LHP, University of Arizona
28) Corey Hale, LHP, University of Mobile
29) Reggie Wilson, OF, Oklahoma City University
31) Ty Jackson, RHP, Lewis-Clark State College
32) Andrew Vasquez, LHP, Westmont College
33) Adam Bray, RHP, South Dakota State University
34) Quinnton Mack, OF, New Mexico State University
35) Gage Green, C, Oklahoma State University
36) Gunnar Kines, LHP, Mount Olive University
37) Christian Talley, RHP, University of Southern Mississippi
38) Chris Powell, RHP, Cal Poly Pomona
39) Santos Saldivar, RHP, Southern University
40) Andrew Thome, RHP, University of North Dakota

2015 Top International Signees (Pool 3,948,500)
Trade Jason Hoppe to Angels for $879,500 slots ($4,828,000)

1) Juan Soto, OF, Dominican Republic (Nationals) $1,650,000
2) Gregory Guerrero, SS, Dominican Republic (Mets) $1,650,000
3) Fernando Tatis, Jr., SS, Dominican Republic (Wsx) $770,000
4) Luis Oviedo, RHP, Venezuela (Indians) $420,000
5) Carlos de la Cruz, RHP, Dominican Republic (Dbcks)$165,000
6) Daniel Santos, C, Dominican Republic (Mariners) $110,000
7) Manuel Silva, LHP, Dominican Republic (Phillies) $110,000

2016 (too soon to tell)

1) Eric Lauer, LHP, Kent State University
2) Ben Rortvedt, C, Verona HS, Verona, Wisconsin
CB) Akil Baddoo, OF, Salem HS, Conyers, Georgia
3) Zac Gallen, RHP, University of North Carolina
4) Connor Justus, SS, Georgia Tech
5) Jordan Balazovic, RHP, St. Martin’s SS, Mississauga, Ontario
6) Gio Brusa, OF, University of the Pacific
7) Michael Cruz, C, Bethune-Cookman University
8) Dalton Sawyer, LHP, University of Minnesota
9) Reggie McClain, RHP, University of Missouri
10) Brandon Lopez, SS, University of Miami-Florida
11) Francisco Del Valle, OF, Puerto Rico Baseball Academy
12) Michael Hickman, C, Chipola Junior College
14) Vincent Jackson, OF, University of Tennessee
15) Dustin Beggs, RHP, University of Kentucky
16) Cody Ramer, SS, University of Arizona
17) Kyle Hart, LHP, Indiana University
18) Will Hibbs, RHP, Lamar University
19) Kevin Hill, RHP, University of South Alabama
20) Malique Ziegler, OF, North Iowa Community College
21) Joel Booker, OF, University of Iowa
22) Dariel Rivera, RHP, Dr. Juan J. Osuna HS, Caguas, Puerto Rico
23) J.J. Gould, SS, Jacksonville University
25) Nick Roscetti, SS, University of Iowa
26) Cole Gruber, OF, University of Nebraska-Omaha
27) Nathan Bannister, RHP, University of Arizona
28) Joey Roach, C, Georgia State University
29) Jordan Jess, LHP, University of Minnesota
30) Quin Grogan, RHP, Lewis-Clark State College
31) Wilson Adams, RHP, University of Alabama-Huntsville
32) Jarrett Costa, C, Westmont College
33) Trenton Hill, LHP, Lee University
34) Joe Cronin, SS, Boston College
35) Sean Isaac, RHP, Vanguard University
36) Andy Young, 3B, Indiana State University
37) Brian Keller, RHP, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
39) Casey Scoggins, OF, University of Tampa

2016 Top International Signings Bonus Pool ($2,399,100)

1) Ronald Bolanos, RHP, Cuba (Padres) $2,500,000
2) Randy Arozarena, OF, Cuba (Cardinals) $1,400,000
3) Nerio Rodriguez, C, Dominican Republic (Astros) $ 500,000
4) Junior Navas, RHP, Venezuela (Twins) $ 275,000
5) Jeison Contreras, RHP, Dominican Republic (Jays)$ 200,000
6) Jimmy Mojica, OF, Dominican Republic (Tigers) $ 250,000
7) Bryan Torres, SS, Venezuela (Padres) $ 200,000
8) Mike Garcia, RHP, Venezuela (Indians) $ 160,000
9) Edwin Bisay, C, Venezuela (Angels) $ 160,000
10) Josue Huma, SS, Dominican Republic (Cubs) $ 160,000
11) Aldry Acosta, RHP, Venezuela (Dodgers) $ 140,000
12) Rodrigo Garcia, RHP, Dominican Republic (Yanks) $ 110,000
13) Jose Lopez, LHP, Dominican Republic (Rays) $ 110,000
14) Carlos Paula, RHP, Dominican Republic (Cubs) $ 110,000

Total Bonuses $6,275,000
Amount subject to 100% overage tax $3,875,900
Total Spent $10,150,900


2017 (too early to tell)

1) Hunter Greene, RHP, Notre Dame HS, Sherman Oaks, California
1A) Brent Rooker, OF, Mississippi State University
2) Sam Carlson, RHP, Burnsville HS, Burnsville, Minnesota
3) Will Toffey, 3B, Vanderbilt University
4) Jake Thompson, RHP, Oregon State University
5) Deon Stafford, Jr, C, St. Joseph’s University
6) Ricardo De La Torre, SS, Puerto Rico Baseball Academy
7) Colton Laws, RHP, UNC-Charlotte
8) Bryan Sammons, LHP, Western Carolina University
9) Brian Glowicki, RHP, University of Minnesota
10) J.P. Sears, LHP, The Citadel
11) Tra’Mayne Holmes, OF, Faulkner University
12) Bailey Ober, RHP, College of Charleston
13) Shameko Smith, RHP, Polk State Junior College
14) Bryce Brown, OF, Jackson State University
15) Orlando Garcia, SS, Texas Tech University
16) Jake Walsh, RHP, Florida Southern College
17) Frankie Rios, SS, University of Southern California
18) Tyler Stevens, RHP, University of New Mexico
19) Troy Dixon, C, St. John’s University
20) Osvaldo Berrios, RHP, Puerto Rico Baseball Academy
21) Ben Fisher, 1B, Eastern Kentucky University
22) Joe Cavallaro, RHP, University of South Florida
23) Devin Hemmerich, LHP, Norfolk State University
24) T.J. Dixon, OF, Samford University
25) Carson Crites, 2B, Southeastern Louisiana University
27) Cam Warner, 2B, Texas Christian University
28) Jalen Washington, C, The Ohio State University
29) Henry McAree, RHP, Lewis-Clark State College
30) Mac Lozer, RHP, University of Michigan
31) Chris Castellanos, LHP, Stanford University
32) Seaver Whalen, 3B, Lewis-Clark State College
33) Alec Byrd, LHP, Florida State University
34) Cory Malcom, RHP, University of Arkansas-Little Rock
35) Logan Farrar, OF, Virginia Commonwealth University
36) Michael Brdar, SS, University of Michigan
37) Jeremy Smith, RHP, Southwestern Oklahoma State University
38) Robie Rojas, C, Sam Houston State University
39) Austin Jones, RHP, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
40) Austin Bizzle, RHP, Alabama State University

2017 International Signings (pool $5,250,000)
Cannot spent more than $300,000 for any one player
1) Danny Bautista, Jr, SS, Dom Rep (Athletcs) $300,000
2) Roybell Santodomingo, RHP, Venezuela (Rys) $300,000
3) Orlando Martinez, OF, Cuba (Angels) $300,000
4) Julio Robaina, LHP, Cuba (Astros) $250,000
5) Miguel Marte, SS, Dominican Rep (Yanks) $220,000
6) Axel Acevedo, RHP, Dom Rep (Dodgers) $220,000
7) Rolando Espinosa, SS, Cuba (Astros) $200,000
8) Jose Andujar, OF, Dom Rep (Twins) $190,000
9) Viandel Pena, SS, Dominican Rep (Nats) $175,000
10) Daniel Castillo, SS, Venezuela (Brewers) $175,000
11) Sonny Vargas, LHP, Venezuela (Giants) $175,000
12) Luis Gomez, SS, Dom Rep (Twins) $175,000
13) Willy Cabrera, RHP, Dominican Rep (Cubs) $150,000
14) Yordin Mateo, RHP, Dom Rep (Twins) $150,000
15) Yolby Guzman, RHP, Dom Rep (Twins) $140,000
16) Ivan Armstrong, RHP, Dom Rep (Giants) $100,000
$3,220,000 spent on bonuses
Trade $1,000,000 to Angels for Jacob Pearson, OF
Trade $1,000,000 to Mariners for David Banuelos, C
Total Spent $5,220,000 out of $5,250,000 budget