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Shadow Twins complete draft list, 1996 through 2001

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Twenty years of imagination, Part One

Detroit Tigers v Minnesota Twins
Joe Mauer

Here’s the complete Minnesota Twins Shadow Draft list dating back to 1996, starting with 96 through ‘01. Players in bold made the major leagues. In the early years most of the later round picks were just whoever the real Twins went with but that has evolved over time as the two universes continue to diverge.

One thing that has happened a few times: I draft some guy who the Twins don’t really draft but ends up with them anyway in a few years due to trade or free agency.

I am also fortunate that my Midwest bias led me to stay with Joe Mauer when they drafted him rather than go with Mark Prior.

I’m going to break this into four different articles to avoid unwieldiness. The rest will be posted in the coming days.

1996 (A good start with successful college guys at the top).

1) Braden Looper, RHP, Wichita State University
2) Jacque Jones, OF, University of Southern California
3) Eddie Yarnall, LHP, Louisiana State University
4) Ken Vining, LHP, Clemson University
5) John Bale, LHP, University of Southern Mississippi
6) Tommy LaRosa, RHP, University of Nevada-Las Vegas
7) Wylie Campbell, 2B, University of Texas
8) Corey Spiers, LHP, University of Alabama
9) Josh Klimek, SS, University of Illinois
10) Evan Thomas, RHP, Florida International University
11) Garrick Haltiwanger, OF, The Citadel
12) Ryan Lynch, LHP, UCLA
13) Mike Lincoln, RHP, University of Tennessee
14) David Hooten, RHP, Mississippi State University
15) Steve Huls, SS, University of Minnesota
16) Eric Brosam, 1B, Redwood Valley HS, Redwood Falls, Minn.
18) Chris Garza, LHP, University of Nevada
20) Courtney Duncan, RHP, Grambling State University
21) Charles Jacobs, RHP, Pine Forest HS, Pensacola, FL
22) Mike Bauder, LHP, University of Nevada-Las Vegas
23) Richie Nye, RHP, University of Arkansas
24) *Brett Laxton, RHP, Louisiana State University
25) Phil Haigler, RHP, Vanderbilt University
26) Charlie Gillian, RHP, Virginia Tech
28) Brian Kennedy, OF, Harrison HS, Lafayette, Ind.
29) Toby Dollar, RHP, Texas Christian University
32) C. J. Thieleke, 2B, University of Iowa
33) Richard Loonam, RHP, Regis (Colo.) University
34) Anthony Felston, OF, University of Mississippi
38) Tom Buchman, C, University of Missouri
42) Antonio Gholar, RHP, William Carey (Miss.) College
44) Rick Moss, 3B, Lewis (Ill.) University
53) Mario Oripari, RHP, University of Kansas
55) John Mundine, RHP, Luling (TX) HS

1997 (I stayed with real Twins Cuddyer and Restovich. They eventually traded for Sears. Can’t take credit for Romero, a real pick, but I did pick up David Eckstein)

1) Michael Cuddyer, SS, Great Bridge HS, Cheasapeake VA
2) Mike Restovich, OF, Mayo HS, Rochester, Minn.
3) Todd Sears, 1B, University of Nebraska
4) Heath Schesser, SS, Kansas State University
5) Peter Blake, LHP, Indianola HS, Indianola, IA
6) Jeremy Morris, OF, Florida State University
7) Matt Carnes, RHP, University of Arkansas
8) Ben Thomas, LHP, Wichita State University
9) Jon Schaeffer, C, Stanford University
10) Josh Gandy, LHP, University of Georgia
11) Matt Jurgena, RHP, Hastings (Neb.) College
12) Lateef Vaughn, SS, Long Beach State University
13) Marquis Southward, OF, Pasco HS, Dade City, Fl
14) Justin Pederson, RHP, University of Minnesota
15) Casey Child, OF, University of Utah
16) Rusty McNamara, OF, Oklahoma State University
17) Rhodney Donaldson, OF, Troy State University
18) Ray Underhill, RHP, DeLand (Fla) HS
19) David Eckstein, 2B, University of Florida
20) Keith Maxwell, C, Florida A & M
21) J.C. Romero, LHP, University of Mobile
22) Richard Dishman, RHP, Duke University
23) Tim Sturdy, RHP, LaCueva HS, Albuquerque
26) J.D. Arteaga, LHP, University of Miami
27) Kevin Shipp, RHP, Louisiana State University
28) Jon Oisseth, LHP, Kansas State University
29) Aaron Jaworowski, 1B, University of Missouri
30) Nate Stevens, SS, Keystone (Fla.) HS
31) Mike Cosgrove, RHP, University of Tennessee
36) Brian Fitts, RHP, Volunteer State (Tenn) CC
37) Patrick Stenger, RHP, St. Ignatius HS, Mentor, Ohio
38) Bryant Melson, C, University of South Florida
46) Aaron Miller, LHP, Campbell University
47) Joseph Foote, RHP, Park View HS, Sterling, VA
48) Jason McConnell, 2B, University of Arkansas

1998 (I busted at the top by sticking with real Twin Mills. The four who made the majors were all real picks I stayed with so I can’t take credit really).

1) Ryan Mills, LHP, Arizona State University
2) Mike Fischer, RHP, University of South Alabama
3) Eddy Furniss, 1B, Louisiana State University
4) Bobby Castelli, RHP, Eastern Illinois University
5) Keola De la tori, RHP, Triton (Ill) JC
7) Doug Clark, OF, University of Massachusetts
8) Nate Frese, SS, University of Iowa
9) Saul Rivera, RHP, University of Mobile
11) Kai Freeman, RHP, University of Minnesota
12) Kareem Johnson, OF, Crowe HS, Trail, BC
13) Kyle Hawthorne, SS, Pensacola JC
14) Justin Ross, OF, University of Tennessee
15) Benito Flores, LHP, Cal State Fullerton
16) Jose Espinal, RHP, Canovanas, Puerto Rico
19) Kevin Hodge, SS, Rice University
20) Brad Frazier, RHP, University of Mobile
22) Terrence Smalls, SS, The Citadel
23) Andrew Butler, RHP, Bowling Green State University
24) Juan Padilla, RHP, University of Jacksonville
25) Eric Sandberg, 1B, Ferris HS, Spokane, Wash.
26) Jason Dobis, RHP, University of Minnesota
27) Craig Seelander, OF, University of Minnesota
28) Andrew Weidl, LHP, Winona State University
29) Lester Victoria, LHP, University of Central Florida
30) Chris Connally, OF, Texas Christian University
31) Brian McMillin, OF, University of Evansville
32) Todd Collura, C, Polk (Fla.) CC
34) Kevin Frederick, RHP, Creighton University
36) Richard Denholm, RHP, Edgewater HS, Orlando, Fla.
38) Tommy Watkins, SS, Riverdale HS, Fort Myers, Fla.

1999 (Another top bust, however Morneau was terrific and my own picks at 6, 7, 9, and 10 all reached the majors, making this a success)

1) B.J. Garbe, OF, Moses Lake HS, Moses Lake, Washington
2) Nick Regilio, RHP, University of Jacksonville
3) Justin Morneau, C, New Westminster (B.C) HS.
4) Mackeel Rogers, SS, Jackson HS, Miami, FL
5) Darin Moore, RHP, University of the Pacific
6) Aaron Harang, RHP, San Diego State University
7) Terrmel Sledge, OF, Long Beach State University
8) Matt Scanlon, 3B, University of Minnesota
9) Mark Ellis, SS, University of Florida
10) Ben Hendrickson, RHP, Jefferson HS, Bloomington, Minn.
11) Hawkeye Wayne, RHP, Columbia University
12) Todd Moser, LHP, Florida Atlantic University
13) Jason Pomar, RHP, University of South Carolina
14) Jarrett Shearin, OF, University of North Carolina
15) Peyton Lewis, RHP, Creighton University
16) Kevin West, OF, Mendocino (FL) CC
17) Chris Olean, RHP, University of St. Thomas (Minn.)
18) Barry Quickstad, 2B, Waseca (Minn.) HS.
19) Paul Poplin, RHP, UNC Charlotte.
20) Chad Sutter, C, Tulane University
21) Chad Wandall, SS, Auburn University.
22) Ricky Manning, OF, Edison HS, Fresno.
23) Willie Eyre, RHP, JC of Eastern Utah.
24) Orlando Roman, RHP, Indian Hills (Iowa) CC
25) Terry Tiffee, OF, Pratt (Kan.) Community College
26) Mike Landkammer, RHP, Mankato State University
27) Jess Turner, RHP, Centralia (Wash.) JC.
28) Brad Weis, LHP, Auburn University.
29) Sherwin Lockridge, SS, Florida A&M University.
30) Wade Van Vark, OF, Central College (Iowa)
34) Scott Blackwell, RHP, Lincoln Land CC, Illinois
35) Jason Richardson, RHP, Polk (Fla.) CC.
36) Jeff Ryan, SS, Wichita State University
37) Digno Torres, OF, Lake City (Fla.) CC.
38) John Christ, RHP, Johns Hopkins University
39) Brian Mitchell, 2B, University of Iowa.
40) Richard Smart, LHP, Gulf Coast CC, Florida
42) Michael Wrenn, C, St. Leo (Fla.) College.
43) Bryan Williamson, OF, University of Washington.
49) Garry Templeton, Jr., SS, North Carolina A&T.

2000 (Wayne busted, Midwesterner Hanrahan paid off).

1) Justin Wayne, RHP, Stanford University
2) Joel Hanrahan, RHP, Norwalk Community HS, Norwalk, Iowa
3) Daylan Holt, OF, Texas A&M University
4) Mike Smith, RHP, University of Richmond
5) Brad Cresse, C, Louisiana State University
6) Edmund Muth, OF, Stanford University
7) Tim Olson, OF, University of Florida
8) Ryan Miller, RHP, University of Evansville
9) Marshall McDougall, 3B, Florida State University
10) John Benedetti, RHP, Augustana College
11) Scott Threinen, 3B, Kasson-Mantorville HS, Mantorville, Minn.
12) Darren Fenster, SS, Rutgers University
13) Forrest Johnson, C, UCLA
14) Chris Tritle, OF, Center Point-Urbana HS, Center Point, Iowa.
15) Rich Brousseu, SS, University of Minnesota
16) Charles Lawton, RHP, Palatka HS, Palatka, FL
17) Andrew Persby, RHP, University of Minnesota
18) Antoine Tellis, OF, Harlan HS, Chicago
20) Justin Cowan, 1B, University of Nebraska
22) Felix Villegas, RHP, Muscatine (Iowa) CC
23) Mike Smalley, LHP, University of Florida
24) Ryan Withey, OF, Florida Atlantic University
25) Mike Bolson, RHP, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
26) Mike Campo, OF, Penn State University
27) John Sherlock, C, Hopkins (Minn) HS
28) Benito Gomez, LHP, Laredo (TX) JC
30) Beau Kemp, RHP, Saddleback (CA) CC
31) Kelly Werner, LHP, University of Minnesota
32) Jonathon McDonald, RHP, Florida State University
33) Luke Martin, LHP, Embry-Riddle Aeronautic University
34) Tymber Lee, RHP, Wichita State University
35) Pedro Sanchez, LHP, De Puig HS, Toa Baja, Puerto Rico
39) Terry Corn, RHP, Florida Southern University
43) Mike Laesch, RHP, Iowa State University
47) Tim Nettles, 3B, UNC-Asheville
50) Blair Barbier, 3B, Louisiana State University

2001 (I am beyond glad I stayed with Mauer rather than “safe pick” Mark Prior. Harris, who eventually ended up with the real Twins, was icing. Cameron and Blackburn were real Twins I stayed with).

1) Joe Mauer, C, Cretin-Derham HS, St. Paul, Minnesota
2) Jason Arnold, RHP, University of Central Florida
3) Chris Flinn, RHP, Stony Brook University
4) Angel Garcia, RHP, Nicolas Sevilla HS, Durado, Puerto Rico
5) Brendan Harris, SS, College of William and Mary
6) Drew Friedberg, LHP, Arizona State University
7) John Noviskey, OF, Newton (N.J.) HS
8) Casey Myers, C, Arizona State University
9) Gerald Smiley, RHP, Rainer Beach HS, Seattle
10) Garrett Guzman, OF, Green Valley HS, Henderson, Nevada
11) Ryan Brunner, OF, University of Northern Iowa
12) Ernie Durazo, 1B, University of Arizona
13) Kevin Cameron, RHP, Georgia Tech
15) Jay Belflower, RHP, University of Florida
16) Brad Edwards, LHP, Indiana University
18) Alex Trezza, C, Stony Brook University
22) Jeff Carlsen, RHP, University of Washington
23) Jake Mauer, 2B, University of St. Thomas (Minn.)
24) Bryan Kennedy, C, Long Beach State University
27) Mike Kobow, RHP, University of Minnesota
28) Brian Gates, RHP, University of Tennessee
29) Nick Blackburn, RHP, Seminole State (Ok.) JC
30) Josh Daws, RHP, Jacksonville University
33) Torik Harrison, RHP, Southern University
34) Jaime Steward, LHP, LeMoyne College
36) Ken Huff, OF, University of Arizona
37) Shawn Tarkington, RHP, Seton Hall University
39) Nicholas Niedbalski, LHP, East Central (Mo.) JC
40) Erik Lohse, RHP, Sacramento CC
41) Ryan Spataro, OF, St. Peters SS, Barrie, Ontario
42) Pat Tingley, LHP, Indiana State University