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Shadow Twins complete draft list, 2002-2006

Twenty years of imagination, Part Two

Los Angeles Dodgers v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Per a request from a reader, I am posting the complete Minnesota Twins Shadow Draft list dating back to 1996. Yesterday we posted 1996 through 2001. Today we have 2002 through 2006. Players in bold made the major leagues. In the early years most of the later round picks were just whoever the real Twins went with but that has evolved over time as the two universes continue to diverge.

One thing that has happened a few times: I draft some guy who the Twins don’t really draft but ends up with them anyway in a few years due to trade or free agency.

PART ONE 1996 to 2001

2002 (Multiple picks panned out at the top of the draft, with Blanton having a successful career and Granderson, along with Joe Mauer from 2001, becoming the face of the Shadow franchise)

1) Joe Blanton, RHP, University of Kentucky
1) Luke Hagerty, LHP, Ball State University
1S) Zach Hammes, RHP, Iowa City HS, Iowa City, Iowa
1S) Jason Pridie, OF, Prescott HS, Prescott, Arizona
2) Curtis Granderson, OF, University of Illinois-Chicago
3) Jake Blalock, 3B, Rancho Bernardo HS, San Diego
4) John Slack, OF, Texas Tech University
5) Mark Kiger, SS, University of Florida
6) Pat Neshek, RHP, Butler University
7) Bobby Kingsbury, OF, Fordham University
8) Eric Verbryke, OF, Cal State Northridge
9) Eric Arnold, 2B, Rice University
10) Keith Ramsey, LHP, University of Florida
11) Brent Nyquist, LHP, St. Scholastica University (Minnesota)
13) Darin Naatjes, RHP, Stanford University
14) Josh Habel, LHP, University of Northern Iowa
15) Nathan Panther, OF, Muscatine (Iowa) CC
16) Chad Oliva, C, University of Jacksonville
18) Javier Lopez, OF, Galveston (Texas) JC
21) T.J. Prunty, RHP, University of Miami (Fla.)
22) Dean Devine, 3B, University of South Dakota
23) Dan Matienzo, C, University of Miami (Fla.).
25) Justin Keeling, LHP, California Lutheran University
27) Travis Welsch, SS, University of Northern Iowa
28) Adam Steen, RHP, Minnesota State University-Mankato
29) Ross Hawley, RHP, Kansas State University
35) Tarrance Patterson, OF, Bartow HS, Lakeland, FL.
36) John Cahill, RHP, Lakewood (Calif.)

2003 (Brandon Wood became one of the top prospect busts in history. Baker was pretty good and I had five later round picks, none shared with the Real Twins, who made the majors)

1) Brandon Wood, SS, Horizon HS, Scottsdale, Arizona
2) Scott Baker, RHP, Oklahoma State University
3) Tony Richie, C, Florida State University
4) Eddie Kim, 1B, James Madison University
5) Jeff Cook, OF, University of Southern Mississippi
6) Luke Appert, 2B, University of Minnesota
7) Daryl Thompson, RHP, La Plata HS, La Plata, Maryland
8) Jamie Vermilyea, RHP, University of New Mexico
10) Tila Reynolds, SS, University of Washington
12) Michael Brown, OF, College of William and Mary
13) Jose Cortez, C, University of Pomona-Pitzer
14) Mikela Olsen, OF, Sacramento State University
15) Greg Conden, RHP, George Washington University
17) Matthew Pali, OF, Florida Atlantic University
18) Ed Maysonet, SS, Delta State University
19) Leo Rosales, RHP, Cal State Northridge
20) Travis Garcia, SS, Iona College
22) D’Ante Brinkley, OF, Southwest Missouri State University
23) Josh Sharpless, RHP, Allegheny College
24) Antoin Gray, 3B, Southern University
28) Chad Prosser, SS, University of North Carolina
32) Frank Scott, SS, Florida A&M University
33) Ben Morgan, OF, Florida A&M University
34) Evan Zupancic, OF, Tufts University
35) Tyson Hanish, SS, University of Northern Iowa
36) Josh Bolen, OF, University of Louisville
37) Heath Anderson, C, Pensacola JC
39) Jesse Collins, C, University of North Florida
41) John Rumsey, OF, San Diego Mesa JC
43) Travis Kalin, SS, Bishop Moore HS, Orlando, FL
44) Larry Jones, OF, Baldwin County HS, Minette, Alabama

2004 (pitching heavy at the top netted a closer shared with the real team and two journeymen).

1) Glen Perkins, LHP, University of Minnesota
1) Justin Orenduff, RHP, Virginia Commonwealth University
1S) Matt Fox, RHP, University of Central Florida
2) Erik Cordier, RHP, Southern Door HS, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin
3) Josh Baker, RHP, Rice University
4) Jason Quarles, RHP, Southern University
5) Ben Harrison, OF, University of Florida
6) Brian Hall, 2B, Stanford University
7) Chip Cannon, 1B, The Citadel
8) Drew Moffitt, OF, Wichita State University
9) Matt Scherer, RHP, LeMoyne
10) Armand Gaerlan, SS, University of San Francisco
11) Rod Allen, OF, Oklahoma State University
13) Kyle Schmidt, RHP, University of South Florida
14) Korey Feiner, C, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
15) Randy Beam, LHP, Florida Atlantic University
16) Rhett James, RHP, Florida State University
17) Dontavius McDowell, OF, Tucker (GA) HS
18) Nathan Johnson, RHP, University of Iowa
19) Jodam Rivera, SS, Academia Bautista HS, Puerto Rico
20) Stephen Edsall, RHP, Rollins College
21) Anthony Festa, 3B, UC-Riverside
22) Jose Delgado, 2B, Texas Tech
24) J.D. Cockroft, LHP, University of Miami-Florida
25) Deacon Burns, OF, Northern State University (South Dakota)
31) Clayton Jerome, RHP, Texas Christian University
35) Jeff Mousser, RHP, Arizona State University
43) Robbie Hebert, RHP, Nicholls State University

2005 (the real Twins picked Matt Garza but I picked the wrong college pitcher named Matt. Richmond in the eighth round wasn't even drafted in real life but made the majors anyway, which was cool)

1) Matt Torra, RHP, University of Massachusetts
1S) Michael Bowden, RHP, Waubonsie Valley HS, Aurora, Ill.
2) Ryan Mount, SS, Ayala HS, Chino Hills, California
2) Kevin Slowey, RHP, Winthrop University
2S) Drew Thompson, SS, Jupiter Community HS, Tequesta, Florida
3) Kevin Whelan, RHP, Texas A&M
3) Brent Lillibridge, SS, University of Washington
4) Jonathan Meloan, RHP, University of Arizona
5) Jeff Corsaletti, OF, University of Florida
6) Yahmed Yema, OF, Florida International University
7) Andrew Lopez, OF, Elk Grove HS, Elk Grove, CA
8) Scott Richmond, RHP, Oklahoma State University
9) Karl Amonite, 1B, Auburn University
10) Jason Twomley, OF, University of Massachusetts
11) Mike Zagurski, LHP, University of Kansas
13) Mark James, RHP, Sinclair SS, Whitby, Ontario, Canada
14) Sean Richardson, C, University of Kansas
15) Chad Steiner, 3B, Lamar (Colorado) CC
16) Jake Elder, C, University of Minnesota
17) Andy Lytle, SS, University of Iowa
19) Erik Averill, LHP, Arizona State University
22) Curtis Leavitt, RHP, Oxnard JC
32) David Bromberg, RHP, Cypress JC
36) Rene Tosoni, OF, Chipola JC
41) Toby Gardenhire, SS, University of Illinois
44) Jose Cordero, RHP, Miami

2006 (Lars at the top was another bust, causing some despair for projecting high school bats).

1) Lars Anderson, 1B, Jesuit HS, Fair Oaks, CA
2) Matt Sulentic, OF, Hillcrest HS, Dallas, TX
3) Tyler Robertson, LHP, Bella Vista HS, Citrus Heights, CA
4) Jordan Newton, C, Western Kentucky University
4) Garrett Olson, 3B, Franklin Pierce College
5) Dustin Richardson, LHP, Texas Tech
6) Billy Muldowney, RHP, University of Pittsburgh
7) Steve Singleton, SS, University of San Diego
8) Toddric Johnson, OF, Southern Mississippi University
9) Justin Fuller, SS-2B, Lewis-Clark State (Idaho)
10) Ricky Ibarz, LHP, University of Texas-Pan American
12) Orlando Rosales, OF, University of Tampa
14) Jeff Manship, RHP, Notre Dame
15) Mark Dolenc, OF, Minnesota State-Mankato
19) Danny Valencia, 3B, University of Miami-Florida
20) Gilbert Buenrostro, C, Cuesta (Cal) JC
21) Eric Santiago, SS, Miami Dade CC South
23) Thomas Wright, RHP, McGavock HS, Nashville, Tenn
24) Nick Papasan, SS, Granbury (Texas) HS
25) Zach Jevne, RHP, University of Northern Iowa
26)*Barrett Browning, LHP, Florida State University
40) Michael Cowgill, 2B, James Madison