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Colorado Rockies v Atlanta Braves Photo by Kevin Liles/Getty Images

I have been plugging away at the Atlanta Braves Top 20 prospects list for a few days now. The preliminary grade breakdown was posted here. I don’t anticipate huge changes between the first rundown and the final draft in terms of grades, but the actual rankings and write-ups are taking a lot longer than I expected.

I’m having trouble with the relative rankings of the pitching prospects in the B+/B range. Luiz Gohara is the obvious top dog for me with a current A/A-, but after that it gets mushy. Kolby Allard, Ian Anderson, Mike Soroka, Joey Wentz, and Kyle Wright are all some flavor of B+ but picking who should rank ahead of who is, well, let’s just say my thinking seems to change about every 30 minutes.

Then you have Max Fried, Touki Toussaint, and Bryse Wilson, all with some flavor of B. Fried is a real conundrum, given lousy performance and so-so scouting reports in Double-A but reasonable success and better reports from the majors.

Anyway, I’ll work it out. Any thoughts you’d like to contribute are welcome of course. Hopefully I can get this finished up tomorrow. Thank you for your patience.