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Minor League Ball Gameday, Friday, March 20

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Henry Urrutia
Henry Urrutia
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Good evening everyone. Sorry for the late Gameday thread today, but here it is for your entertainment, enjoyment and enlightenment.

Some possible points for discussion:

****It isn't a prospect question in a direct way, but what do you guys think of the four-year contract that the Twins gave Ervin Santana this past winter? Is he worth the money? The length of contract? Is he worth losing the second-round pick? I will write up a Prospect Retrospective for him this coming week.

****Diamondbacks fans, or anyone else who has paid close attention, what are your initial impressions of Yasmany Tomas?

****Speaking of Cuban outfielders, Henry Urrutia is having an outstanding spring training for the Baltimore Orioles, hitting .364/.423/.591 through 22 at-bats. After a promising 2013 season his 2014 season was horrible. However he was dealing with a hernia and probably wasn't healthy. Orioles fans or anyone else paying attention: how does he look this spring? Does he look as good as the numbers imply?