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Minor League Ball Gameday, Saturday, March 21

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Joc Pederson
Joc Pederson
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Good afternoon prospect followers and baseball fans. Here is your daily gameday thread. Some items for discussion and consideration:

***The Chicago White Sox gave outfielder Adam Eaton a five-year contract extension worth $23,500,000. Do you say yea or nay to this deal? Eaton is a good subject for a prospect retrospective look and I will work one up.

***Los Angeles Dodgers outfield prospect Joc Pederson is having an excellent spring thus far: .471/.500/.853 with three homers in 34 at-bats. Your impressions to this point?

***At the opposite end of the performance spectrum we find Tampa Bay Rays rookie outfielder Steve Souza hitting .143/.172/.393 with two homers, a walk, and nine strikeouts in 28 at-bats. Wil Myers of the San Diego Padres, in contrast, sits at .276/.344/.586 with two homers, three walks, four strikeouts in 29 at-bats.

None of that means much of course, given the sample sizes involved and the fact that it is spring training.

***More meaningless numbers that everyone is looking at: Joey Gallo, .250/.344/.500 with two homers, four walks, seven strikeouts in 28 at-bats for the Texas Rangers.

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