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2014 International Prospect signing day open discussion thread

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Gregory Polanco
Gregory Polanco
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Today is July 2nd, 2014, and the market is now open for major league organizations to sign international 16 year olds. The New York Yankees are expected to spend heavily this year, probably exceeding their designated bonus pool by a large amount. Here are the pools:

2014 International Bonus Pools
Astros $5,015,400
Marlins $4,622,400
White Sox $4,273,200
Cubs $3,962,700
Twins $3,686,600
Mariners $3,440,700
Phillies $3,221,800
Rockies $3,026,700
Blue Jays $2,852,900
Mets $2,697,800
Brewers $2,611,800
Padres $2,531,200
Giants $2,455,300
Angels $2,383,700
D'backs $2,316,600
Orioles $2,253,100
Yankees $2,193,100
Royals $2,136,800
Nationals $2,083,600
Reds $2,033,400
Rangers $2,015,500
Rays $1,998,100
Indians $1,980,700
Dodgers $1,963,800
Tigers $1,946,900
Pirates $1,930,400
Athletics $1,913,900
Braves $1,897,900
Red Sox $1,881,700
Cardinals $1,866,300

What happens when a team goes over the limit?

***All overages are penalized with a 100 percent tax.
***If a team exceeds the bonus pool by five to ten percent, they can't sign an international player for more than $500,000 in next year's window.
***If a team goes over by ten to 15 percent, they can't sign a player for more than $300,000 in the next window.
***An overage of more than 15 percent triggers a $300,000 limit in the next two windows.

We'll be here all day discussing the signings as they happen. Many teams and players reached unofficial agreements months ago, so expect a lot of news today as the contracts become official.

Matt Garrioch put together this report for us on the top players available.

Don't get discouraged if your team isn't one of the big spenders. Many of the top international prospects who have come through the minors recently were not huge bonus guys, with Oscar Taveras of the Cardinals, ($145,000), Gregory Polanco of the Pirates ($150,000), and Yordano Ventura of the Royals (a mere $28,000) being three good examples.