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Introducing FanDuel

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SB Nation has partnered with daily fantasy site FanDuel to bring you an opportunity to win cash prizes.

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Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

SB Nation has entered an exclusive partnership with fantasy sports site FanDuel. FanDuel runs daily fantasy sports games with cash prizes. The entry fee is $2.00, you can win up to $2,000, and there are $18,000 available in total prizes.

GO HERE to enter today's contest.

You can find the FanDuel Rules here. AZ, IA, LA, MN, WA state residents cannot play for money

Here is a tutorial on how to play:

They did give me some cash to do this and try the game. I do not usually play fantasy sports due to lack of time, but this one is quick and easy.

The game is similar to the old Pick 6 game we had a couple of years ago. You have to stay within a salary cap. If your players do well, you get points, if they don't, you get negative points. They have a live scoreboard, so you can follow how you are doing in real time.

I hope you enjoy it.