Gameday - May 25, 2014

Nick has injured his knee, and is currently listed as Day-to-Day. For that reason, I’ll be posting the gameday today (May 25). Sorry it’s a little late, I had some stuff to tend to this morning so I didn't realize that Nick was out of the lineup. In an effort to streamline the timeline to putting this together, you won’t find the stat totals in the notes section, but all the data for the hitters, pitchers, and sleeper alerts will be updated. We’re about due for another season-long statistic update anyways, so that’ll be what fills you in for the next few days, so I’m not too worried about it today. I’ll be posting this and then updating the rest of the "necessary to research" numbers on the stats sheet, so it might not be 100% filled in when you see it. The formatting is definitely off, and I don't have time to figure out Nick's magic touch, but this rough one will have to do for now I guess...

From Nick: I mentioned this yesterday but I think it bears repeating, I have decided to add not one, not two, but THREE NEW SECTIONS of players that will be tracked daily and will be included in the weekly year-to-date update. They will be known as The Helium Tank, The Tempurpedic's and The Pot Luck. Break out prospects and those not on the current sleeper list will go in The Helium Tank. The Tempurpedic's are the deep sleepers that will be kicking off their seasons in the upcoming weeks for either a domestic or international short season league. The Pot Luck will be where the community as a whole will have the chance to add another 25 names to the pot (pun totally intended) in addition to the 50 players in The Helium Tank and The Tempurpedic's.

In the upcoming days I will post an article where the top 25 players, as chosen by the amount of rec's the post with the player's name receives, This will come after The Helium Tank and Tempurpedic's have been announced to prevent players from ending up in multiple sections. Voting will take place for roughly three days and at the end of it all we will have The Pot Luck. I think this will be a fun way of finding more players to track and hopefully pick up on a rising star.

The Top 150 Prospects and Sleeper Alerts!

On the bottom there are tabs for the Top 150 Hitters (Top 150 H), Pitchers (Top 150 P), and Sleeper Alerts! Check it out by clicking the link/header above.

Probable Starters


· Kris Johnson (MIN) – Joel De La Cruz (NYY)

· Greg Smith (PHI) – Blane Hardy (DET)

· Casey Sadler (PIT) – Eric Surkamp (CHW)

· Kevin Gausman (BAL) – Cody Martin (ATL) **DOTD**

· Marcus Stroman (TOR) – TBD (CIN)

· Mike Montgomery (TB) – Danny Salazar (CLE)

· Allen Webster (BOS) – Ross Ohlendorf (WAS)


· Tom Gorzelanny (MIL) – Anthony DeSclafani (MIA)

· Christian Friedrich (COL) – Kyle Hendricks (CHC)

· Josh Lindblom (OAK) – Giancarlo Alvarado (NYM)

· Jason Lane (SD) – TBD (SEA)

· Jake Buchanan (HOU) – Scott McGregor (STL)

· Zeke Spruill (ARZ) – Carlos Frias (LAD)

· Cory Burns (TEX) – John Lamb (KC)

· TBD (SF) – Justin Thomas (LAA)


· Adrian Sampson (PIT) – Tommy Collier (DET)

· Brian Johnson (BOS) – TBD (TOR)

· Bryan Mitchell (NYY) – Austin Fleet (SF)

· Jesse Biddle (PHI) – Toru Murata (CLE)

· Tim Berry (BAL) – Brad Meyers (WAS)

· TBD (MIN) – Angel Cuan (NYM)


· Mike Recchia (CHW) – Michael Lorenzen (CIN)

· Aaron Northcraft (ATL) – Garrett Gould (LAD)

· Michael Lee (ARZ) – TBD (CHC)

· TBD (MIL) – Mike Colla (TB)

· Cam Hobson (SEA) – James Nygren (MIA)


· Eddie Butler (COL) – Chris Jensen (OAK)

· Kyle Hald (STL) – Alec Asher (TEX)

· Casey Kelly (SD) – TBD (LAA)

· Luis Cruz (HOU) – J.C. Sulbaran (KC)

A+ - CAL

· Scott DeCecco (SEA) – James Allen (CIN)

· TBD (ARZ) – Ryan Bradley (SF)

· Hunter Adkins (OAK) – Ryan Carpenter (COL)

· Mark Sappington (LAA) – Zach Morton (HOU)

· Bryce Morrow (SD) – Chris Anderson (LAD)

A+ - CAR

· Parker Bridwell (BAL) – Christian Binford (KC)

· Jeffrey Wendelken (CHW) – Greg Ross (ATL)

· Dakota Bacus (WAS) – Corey Littrell (BOS)

· Alex Gonzalez (TEX) – TBD (CLE)

A+ - FSL

· Bruedlin Suero (CHW) – Orlando Castro (PIT)

· Yorfrank Lopez (DET) – Jesse Hernandez (TOR)

· Steven Matz (NYM) – Nick Petree (STL)

· Jake Esch (MIA) – Jose Berrios (MIN)

· Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez (PHI) – Rob Zastrynzny (CHC) GAME 1 **DOTD**

· TBD (PHI) – Felix Pena (CHC) GAME 2

· TBD (NYY) – Jed Bradley (MIL)


· TBD (LAA) – Kevin Comer (HOU)

· Evan Grills (HOU) – Harrison Cooney (LAA)

· Barrett Astin (MIL) – Lars Huljer (SEA)

· Scott Barlow (LAD) – Mitch Brown (CLE)

· Jeremy Gabryszwski (TOR) – Blayne Weller (ARZ)

· Josue Montanez (MIN) – Lou Trivino (OAK)

· Amir Garrett (CIN) – Kyle Lloyd (SD)

· Alex Reyes (STL) – Juan Paniagua (CHC)

· Austin Kubitza (DET) – Chris Kirsch (TB)


· Ryan Newell (MIA) – Daniel Cordero (ATL)

· Jake Sanchez (CHW) – Hunter Harvey (BAL)

· Ranfi Casimiro (CLE) – Shane Carle (PIT)

· Chris Flexen (NYM) – Luis Rico (KC)

· TBD (KC) – Jamie Callahan (BOS)

· Luis Severino (NYY) – Akeem Bostick (TEX) **DOTD**

· Johendl Jiminian (COL) – TBD (WAS)

Duel of the Day

May 25

Kevin Gausman (BAL - AAA) vs Cody Martin (ATL - AAA)

Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez (PHI - A+) vs Rob Zastrynzny (CHC - A+)

Luis Severino (NYY – A) vs Akeem Bostick (TEX – A)


· Astros RF George Springer (day-to-day; right hip flexor strain) - 5/21

· Dodgers 2B Alex Guerrero (7 day DL; Mike Tyson'd) - 5/20

· White Sox 1B Jose Abreu (15 day DL; left ankle tendinitis) - 5/17

· Cubs RF Jorge Soler (day-to-day; hamstring tightness) - 5/15

· Astros RHP Vince Velasquez (7 day DL; groin injury) - 5/11

· Twins CF Byron Buxton (day-to-day; left wrist sprain) - 5/9

· Diamondbacks RHP Archie Bradley (7 day DL; minor right elbow flexor strain) - 4/29

· Cubs RHP CJ Edwards (7 day DL; right shoulder tightness) - 4/24

· Pirates RHP Luis Heredia (7 day DL; right shoulder discomfort) - 4/12

· Tigers 2B Devon Travis (7 day DL; right oblique strain) - 4/10

· Mariners LHP James Paxton (15 day DL; left lat strain) - 4/8

· Athletics SS Addison Russell (7 day DL; torn right hamstring) - 4/6

· Pirates CF Austin Meadows (7 day DL; right hamstring strain) - 4/3

· Orioles RHP Dylan Bundy (60 day DL; TJS recovery) - 4/3

· Rays RHP Taylor Guerrieri (7 day DL; TJS recovery) - 4/3

· Padres LHP Max Fried (7 day DL; left forearm soreness) - 4/3

· Mariners RHP Taijuan Walker (15 day DL; right shoulder impingement) - 3/21

· Rays 2B Tim Beckham (season; torn right ACL) - 3/30

· Pirates RHP Jameson Taillon (season; right elbow - TJS) - 3/23

· Tigers RHP Bruce Rondon (season; right elbow - TJS) - 3/21

· Dodgers RHP Ross Stripling (season; right elbow - TJS) - 3/14

· Twins 3B Miguel Sano (season; right elbow - TJS) - 3/12

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