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Miguel Gonzalez
Miguel Gonzalez
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

I am now working on the Oakland Athletics prospect list. The next team in line is the Philadelphia Phillies, to be followed by the Cleveland Indians, Colorado Rockies, Seattle Mariners, and the Washington Nationals to round out the project, finally.

Use this thread to discuss the Philadelphia Phillies organization. Some potential points of discussion include, but are not limited to:

***The big league club struggled last year. What do you expect this season, particularly given that the farm system currently looks rather thin?

***Do you think Cody Asche will take a big step forward this year? And what of Darin Ruf? Can Ethan Martin turn his arm strength into performance on the mound?

***How soon will Maikel Franco get to the major leagues? And Jesse Biddle?

***Will Cuban defector Miguel Gonzalez be worth the $12,000,000 contract?

***What, if anything, would you do differently if you were in running the draft and international acquisitions for the Phillies?

***As always, feel free to discuss sleepers or anything else Phillie-related.