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Oakland Athletics Preliminary Prospect List

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Billy Burns
Billy Burns
Michael Zagaris, Getty Images

Here is my working list of Oakland Athletics prospects. I had 35 names originally and have cut that back to 30. Even some of these are marginal. I don't want to go below 30, but unless I am missing someone really important I am not looking to add names either given space and time limitations.

Oakland Athletics 30 players

Raul Alcantara RHP
Anthony Aliotti 1B
B.J. Boyd OF
Billy Burns OF
Dylan Covey RHP
Dustin Driver RHP
Seth Frankoff RHP
Drew Granier RHP
Blake Hassebrock RHP
Miles Head 3B
Ryon Healy 3B
Tucker Healy RHP
Chris Kohler LHP
Arnold Leon RHP
Kent Matthes OF
Bruce Maxwell C
Billy McKinney OF
Max Muncy 1B
Sean Murphy RHP
Renato Nunez 3B
Matt Olson 1B
Dillon Overton LHP
Tanner Peters RHP
Shane Peterson OF-1B
Chad Pinder INF
Daniel Robertson SS
Addison Russell SS
Nolan Sanburn RHP
Bobby Wahl RHP
Michael Ynoa RHP