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2013 Minor League Ball Community Mock Draft Results: NL East

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Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins
Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins
The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Braves
31) Marco Gonzales, LHP, Gonzaga
65) Josh Hart, OF, Georgia HS
102) Rob Zastryzny, LHP, Missouri
133) Chandler Eden, RHP, California HS
COMMENT: The Braves like college lefties nowadays; Gonzales and RZ fit the bill there, both have the potential to rise through the system quickly as pitchability types. Hart provides outfield speed and athleticism. Eden is very promising and projectable but would take a large over-slot bonus to sign away from college. I would assume that the Braves would go ultra-cheap in subsequent rounds to try and free up cash for Eden.

Miami Marlins
6) Clint Frazier, OF, Georgia HS
35) Jonathan Crawford, RHP, Florida
44) Trey Williams, 3B, College of the Canyons
73) Jan Hernandez, INF, Puerto Rico HS
80) Harrison Cooney, RHP, Florida Gulf Coast University
112) Brian Navaretto, C, Florida HS
COMMENT: Frazier is excellent at sixth-overall, Crawford could be a bargain at 35, Trey Williams has enormous power but has lost stock over the last 18 months, Hernandez is solid across-the-board, Cooney throws hard but is erratic, and Navaretto has seen his stock rise quickly. I think this is very nice talent-wise, but it wouldn't be cheap. . .would real-life ownership sign off on this? If they make the money work, this would be a strong group.

New York Mets
11) Dominic Smith, 1B, California HS
48) Andrew Thurman, RHP, UC Irvine
76) Ivan Wilson, OF, Lousiana HS
84) A.J. Vanegas, RHP, Stanford
116) Victor Caratini, INF, Miami-Dade CC
COMMENT: Smith is a reasonable pick at 11 overall; Wilson and Caratini have tools and promising signability, especially in those slots. I wouldn't expect a quick impact from the hitters, but the upside is there and I like the positional balance. Thurman has an impressive fastball/changeup combo, while Vanegas has good pure stuff but an erratic track record as a college reliever.

Philadelphia Phillies
16) J.P. Crawford, SS, California HS
53) Justin Williams, OF, Louisiana HS
89) Dom Nunez, C, California HS
96) Mike Shawaryn, RHP, New Jersey HS
121) Adam Plutko, RHP, UCLA
COMMENT: Does that scream Phillies or what? Uber-tools at the top with Crawford and Williams and the fast-rising Nunez, followed by Shawaryn, an ultra-projectable right-hander who hasn't received much notice. Plutko is the kind of polished college arm that the Phillies often draft in the middle and later rounds.

Washington Nationals
68) Corey Knebel, RHP, University of Texas
105) Clinton Hollon, RHP, Kentucky HS
136) Tyler Danish, RHP, Florida HS

COMMENT: Handicapped with no first-round pick, the Mock Nationals turn to a very advanced college reliever with makeup questions (he was suspended after providing urine for a teammate being drug-tested). He could rise quickly if he stays out of trouble. They follow up with two promising high school arms. Hollon is reportedly quite signable so he would work at 105. I'm not so sure about Danish, who has a University of Florida commitment, but perhaps they can go underslot with Knebel to free up funds.