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2013 Community Mock Draft Results: American League West

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The Texas Rangers Braintrust
The Texas Rangers Braintrust

Houston Astros
1) Mark Appel, RHP, Stanford
40) Tom Windle, LHP, Minnesota
74) Dillon Overton, LHP, Oklahoma
107) Garrett Hampson, SS, Nevada HS

COMMENT: Appel is a great fit on talent and would be very logical if his bonus demands are reasonable. The Mock GM was congnizant of the potential money issues and chose college lefties Windle and Overton with the subsequent picks, affordable slot-money types who may lack huge upside but should get to the majors in complementary roles at least. Hampson is more of a toolsy type with good speed. If the Astros really want Appel something like this will probably have to happen, but we'll have to see if they prefer the strategy they used in 2012.

Los Angeles Angels
59) Kyle Serrano, RHP, Tennessee HS
95) Nick Vander Tuig, RHP, UCLA
127) Nic Pivetta, RHP, New Mexico Junior College
COMMENT: Lacking a first-round pick, the Mock Angels will need to invest a lot of money in Tennessee prep Kyle Serrano, a huge signability risk given that he wants to pitch college ball for his father. NVT is an over-draft at 95; Pivetta is rather raw but has a live arm. If the Mock Angels went really cheap with seniors in subsequent rounds, perhaps enough money to sign Serrano would be available.

Oakland Athletics
24) Phil Erwin, OF, Samford University
63) Garrett Williams, LHP, Louisiana HS
71) Trevor Williams, RHP, Arizona State
100) Tucker Neuhaus, SS, Florida HS
106) Dace Kime, RHP, Louisville
131) Cody Dickson, LHP, Sam Houston State
COMMENT: If the money works I think Oakland would be happy with this balanced class. Erwin has both tools and a good performance record. Trevor Williams and Dace Kime are big workhorse-type starters who could move quickly, while live-armed Dickson would need more time but has upside as a power arm. Preps Garrett Williams and Tucker Neuhaus were plausible first-rounders nine months ago but lost ground for various reasons. If signable, both could be bargains in those slots.

Seattle Mariners
12) D.J. Peterson, 3B, New Mexico
49) Dustin Driver, RHP, Washington HS
85) Zack Collins, C-1B, Florida HS
117) Kevin Franklin, INF, California HS
COMMENT: Offense the key here, with a booming advanced bat headlined with Peterson, followed by a power prep in Collins. Franklin has outstanding makeup and big upside as a power hitter; some consider him one of the most underrated players in the entire class. The single pitcher in the group is a live-armed local kid. Peterson would pay quick dividends while the others are more long-term upside types.

Texas Rangers
23) Cody Reed, LHP, Northwest Mississippi CC
30) Travis Demerritte, 3B, Georgia HS
62) Jake Brentz, LHP, Missouri HS
99) Andrew Church, RHP, Nevada HS
130) Jeremy Martinez, C, California HS
COMMENT: Reed needs better control and is generally considered more of a second round guy, however the Rangers often march to their own drummer on draft day, and Reed's arm strength is one of the best in the draft for a lefty this year. I could very well see that happening. Brentz and Church are both high-ceiling arms and fit well into Texas' player development schema. Demerritte also seems like a very Rangers pick to me, while Martinez has fallen from his first-round projection due to questions about his bat. He could be a bargain if signable at 130. Overall, this looks very Rangery to me.