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Community Discussion: Fun with Lineups

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Darin Ruf
Darin Ruf

Sabermetrically-speaking, lineup construction isn't supposed to make a huge difference in runs scored. But if you are a baseball fan, constructing ideal imaginary lineups is all part of the fun. It is for me anyway.

So here is a (hopefully) interesting community discussion question for you. Let's say you had to play the following group of minor league prospects regularly in the major leagues (let's say a typical National League Central Division schedule in a neutral park) in 2013.

How would you structure the lineup, and how many games do you think this team would win, given a league-average pitching staff backing them up and no serious injuries. Any of these guys will play 150 games for you if you want them to. You have to think about defense of bad would it be?

C---Will Swanner, Rockies
C---John Hicks, Mariners
1B---Cris Cron, Angels
2B---Kolten Wong, Cardinals
3B---Miguel Sano, Twins
SS---Dorssys Paulino, Indians
INF--Jake Hager, Rays
OF---Darin Ruf, Phillies
OF---Billy Hamilton, Reds
OF---Yeison Asencio, Padres
OF---Cory Vaughn, Mets
UT---Ronnier Mustelier, Yankees

Strengths? Weaknesses? It isn't designed to be balanced.