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Minor League Ball Approximate Schedule

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Here are things I am working on for Minor League Ball.

****I am shifting gears to 2013 beginning with some draft research and I'll have some profiles for you along with Matt Garrioch. I will do a mock draft of my own, and I'm working up player profiles for Louisiana State infielder JaCoby Jones, University of Minnesota lefty Tom Windle, and Vanderbilt southpaw Kevin Ziomek. Matt also has player profiles of his own in the works, with Michael Lorenzen of Cal State Fullerton next on the list.

****The next big thing prospect-wise will be an organizational ranking list, which I will start working on Monday. I need to let the hangover from the book cool off first. I hope to have that done by the end of next week.

****We will do an All Questions Answered thread next week, probably on Thursday depending on how the other projects are going.

****Prospect Retrospectives in the works: Pedro Martinez, Craig Biggio, Mike Piazza, Randy Johnson, and Kenny Lofton for some old-school guys. Justin Morneau, Jacoby Ellsbury, and Mike Morse are also up for examination.

****I will continue to tempt you with excerpts and pester you to buy the 2013 Baseball Prospect Book.