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Updated Schedule

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Upcoming Schedule

Wednesday: Manny Banuelos vs. Martin Perez Prospect Smackdown
Thursday: All Questions Answered Thread 9 AM Central
Friday: Manny Machado vs. Jurickson Profar Prospect Smackdown
Monday: Shelby Miller vs. Julio Teheran Prospect Smackdown

Matt Garrioch and I are working on a 2012 co-Mock Draft as well, with the two of us alternating picks. I will post that as soon as we are finished. I haven't forgotten about the Ryan Braun Career Profile but I've been working on larger projects. You can also expect Ray Guilfoyle with more "Looking for the Next" Fantasy pieces.

I also wanted to point out Al Yellon's article about how personal issues can impact player performance over at SB Nation. It helps to remember occasionally that players are human beings, not just scouting reports.