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Friday Morning Notes, March 2nd, 2012

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Watching the snow come down here in Lawrence this morning. It isn't sticking, but it is a useful reminder that winter could still rear its ugly head on and off for the next six weeks or so. On the other hand, there are strong hints of spring about...we had tornadoes around here a couple of days ago, including an EF-2 that stuck the town of Harveyville as well as a smaller EF-0 that tore up some farm buildings about 10 miles south of here. It feels like it is going to be an active spring here in the Midwest.

The greatest reminder of the approaching season is, of course, Spring Training, with exhibition games starting up today and getting in full swing tomorrow. We should be getting a lot of prospect news soon.

One of the weird things about baseball this spring (to me anyway) is that post-season plans haven't yet been finalized. SB Nation's Amy K. Nelson reports that due to scheduling problems, division winners may be forced to open the post-season on the road this year. It strikes me as bizarre that this wasn't worked out sooner.