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Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

I was making quick progress on the Miami Marlins Top 20 prospect list early this morning, until my son came home from school with the stomach flu around noon, putting me back on parent/sick-kid patrol. I need to put a biohazard sign around my house: someone has been sick here literally every day for almost two months now. The symptoms vary and there are all kinds of bugs running around the schools, to the point where some schools have actually been closing in an attempt to stop the contagions from spreading. We have pertussis, strep throat, and several different digestive viruses running rampant through the populations of Eastern Kansas and Western Missouri. The pertussis thing is particularly strange, since it is striking down people who have been vaccinated. I wonder if there is some mutation cropping up with that particular bug.

In any event, I will be able to resume work on the prospect list again this evening, so let's get the guessing and grade projection game started.

I have 42 players on the current Marlins list and 12 of them are graded. Here is the breakdown so far:

One Grade A-
One Grade B+
One Grade B
Four Grade C+
Five Grade C

I have graded letters L through N, and letters S through Y.

I will post more updates in the comments section as we move forward. Assuming no further delays (should I even bother to say that?), I should have the complete Marlins list finished Saturday evening.