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Cincinnati Reds Organization Discussion

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Ciincinnati Reds General Manager Ernst Stavro Blofeld
Ciincinnati Reds General Manager Ernst Stavro Blofeld

I am now working on the Colorado Rockies prospect list. The last team in line is the Cincinnati Reds, which finishes up the Top 20 Prospect Lists for 2013. After that I am going to review and revise any grades and lists that need alterations, work up an organizational ranking list, and work on a Top 100 Prospects list before Spring Training. I'm also going to start doing some 2013 draft coverage along with Matt Garrioch.

Use this thread to discuss the Cincinnati Reds system. Some possible points of discussion for you to consider:

****The major league team won 97 games and was built mostly with home-grown talent, setting an example for teams to follow. Of the players currently on the big league roster, which ones would you want to make a long-term commitment to?

****Despite recent graduations and a resulting cut in system depth, the farm is in pretty solid shape. How do you keep it that way? What is your draft strategy for 2013? You can't say "best player available", that's a cop-out.

****What's your take on Devin Mesoraco?

****What sleepers do you like?

This is the last Organization Discussion until October! I hope you enjoyed the series and had fun with it.