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Prospect in the Orlando Cabrera Trade

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Prospect in the Orlando Cabrera Trade

The Cleveland Indians have traded veteran infielder Orlando Cabrera to the San Francisco Giants in exchange for outfield prospect Thomas Neal. Here is my take.

Thomas Neal, OF: A 23-year-old right-handed hitter, Neal was drafted in the 36th round in 2005 from Riverside Junior College in California. His breakthrough was in 2009 when he hit .337/.431/.579 for High-A San Jose, but his power production and patience have tailed off at higher levels, leading to a .291/.359/.440 mark last year in Double-A and a .295/.351/.409 mark with four homers this year for Triple-A Fresno. He's drawn just 13 walks in 240 plate appearances this year. He is currently on the disabled list with a hand injury. Neal has solid-average tools and has kept his batting average up, but the decline in his power production at higher levels makes me cautious at this point.  I rated him a Grade B- pre-season but would lower that to C+ now.