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Scouting Report: Trevor Story, SS, Rockies

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Story is an interesting prospect. He was at many showcases including the Area Code Games and always looked like he belonged. He was commited to LSU and would have done well in college had he took that route but he was drafted high enough to not attend.

At 6'1, 175, he ins't a huge guy but he is strong for his size. He isn't a physical player but is athletic and can add strength and weight to his frame. He is a 5-tool talent. While none of those tools are on the high end of the scale, other than his arm, they are all 50 or better. He has above average contact ability with very good bat control. His knows when to cut loose a big swing and when to connect and hit the ball back up the middle. He has more power potential than he currently shows and could be a 20+ homer guy if he fills out his frame. He knows how to draw walks and has all the skills he needs to be a solid hitter

Gaining weight will work against him in the field where his range is just average. He isn't a sure thing to stick at SS but with his foot quickness and rocket of an arm, it allows him to compensate for lacking the range of a small, speedy shortstop. He could potentially stick at shortstop but I would bet he ends up at 3B or even in right field with that arm, if he gains more strength. In another system, he may be kept at short to see if he fits but in Colorado, I would bet he gets moved over.

Looking at his stolen bases in his pro debut, 13 in 14 attempts over 47 games. That isn't going to project to a full season. He isn't a 40 steal guy. That shows you how well he understands the game. He knows when to run and takes advantage of that.

I'm looking forward to seeing how he develops this season. Story is a player that could have a wide variety of outcomes. He could be an average defensive SS, an above average defensive 3B or RF and his bat should be good but I don't see great. I'm thinking he could be a .270/.340/.450 hitter with a dozen steals each year. That would make him a very good hitter for SS but average for 3B and RF. His defense should be good wherever he plays and could have a long MLB career if everything works out right. I think he was a great pick at 45 overall for the Rockies. There is a very small chance he could be a Tulo-type but if I were a Rockies fan, I'd compare him to newly acquired Michael Cuddyer for what I would hope for in a best case scenario.