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Minor league baseball is over until April, but things are going to get very busy around here starting now. We are beginning the yearly organization discussions and Top 20 prospect lists, and I have other articles in the works including a look ahead to the 2012 draft. That is taking longer to put together than I expected last week, so please be patient. We'll also start talking about the Arizona Fall League.

Today is a big research day for me, but tomorrow the posting pace will pick up again. Thanks for your patience, and enjoy the playoffs!

If you haven't done so already, check out the Non-Baseball Reading thread below. I've always felt the Minor League Ball community was a special one, and from the reading lists it is apparent to me that we have a highly-educated and intellectually curious set of readers and community members here. Minor League Ball is a special place, and thanks to everyone here who keeps the discussions lively and stimulating.