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Thoughts on Mat Latos

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Thoughts on Mat Latos

I was set to do a big thing on Mat Latos today, but then I remembered thatI already did one back in February and frankly don't have much to add to it.

So far this year, Latos is 4-3, 3.09 in nine starts with a 42/12 K/BB in 55.1 innings, 43 hits allowed, ETA+ 119. The biggest difference between this year and last year has been improved control. His K/IP and H/IP marks are almost the same, but he's cut his walk rate in half compared to 2009. His FIP has dropped from 4.72 to 3.88.

My assessment from February still stands. If Latos stays healthy, he can be a number one or two starter. I just don't know that he'll stay healthy long-term, but we will see.