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Thoughts on College Outfielders

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It seems increasingly likely that Brett Eibner of the University of Arkansas will be drafted as an outfielder. Most scouts prefer him on the mound, but he's no slouch with the bat, hitting .332 with 18 homers, 35 walks, and 47 strikeouts in 193 at-bats. The strikeout rate is rather high, but he's made legitimate improvements with his plate discipline and has substantial power. He has a strong arm (obviously) and good running speed, and would fit well in right field. He wants to hit, with pitching as the backup plan.

So, if Eibner is an outfielder for now, how do we rank the potential first round college outfielders? The other top guys are Michael Choice of UT-Arlington, Bryce Brentz of  Middle Tennessee, and Gary Brown of Cal State Fullerton. Brown is the odd-man-out in this group; he's a speed demon with minimal plate discipline who fits in center, while Choice, Brentz, and Eibner are all power bats who will end up in corners. I'm not a big Brown fan personally and still wonder about his bat.

How would you rank them? Most boards and ratings have Choice ahead of the others, but personally I think Eibner may be the best of the group.