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JERI's Big, Huge Question O' the Day

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Hello, Dear Readers!

John's bout of feeling better didn't last too long, so here I am again!   I watched the movie Major League in order to get into a baseball frame of mind.

I have a BASEBALL ORIENTED Jeri's Big, Huge Question O' the Day:


After the jump:

I was thinking about how in the movie the team owner/bimbo interfered with all aspects of the General Manager's job, in order to trash the team. I can think of several instances in modern baseball where the owner has gotten way too involved (I'm thinking of YOU, George Steinbrenner!), but one would assume that the intention (realized or not) is to better the team.
The question:
In modern baseball which I DEFINE as within my lifetime, can you think of an example of owner interference that really hurt the team? Really helped the team?
NOTE: I am 40 years old. Yes, I'm sure that in some circles 1969 would not be considered modern, but it is my question, so I get to decide what constitutes 'modern'. If you think 40 years is distant to be considered modern, you probably suck, or are at least young and short-sighted. Not that I'm touchy about this! :-)
NOTE: Explain your answers.