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JERI's Question and Vintage Cheesecake

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Welcome Back, Happy Bloggers!  

Getting 200 hits in a single season is not terribly easy, at least according to people who actually know this stuff. I was going to ask about which of the top prospects this year is likely to break the all time record, but then I found out that the current record of 262 (Congrats to Ichiro Suzuki) is unlikely to be broken, at least until our beloved super-strengthed Cylon overlords figure out how to play. (Yeah, I can know baseball stuff! Viva La Google!)

With that in mind, your JERI's Big, Huge Question O' the Day (and cheesecake, no joke) is after the jump:

So, here is a more attainable goal: Who are five prospects likely to get 210 hits in a single season?
Explain your answer!
And, here is some vintage-looking cheesecake!